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Technopolis Asemakeskus, Tampere. Art print, architecture print, fine art print, black and white poster

Technopolis Asemakeskus, Tampere

Black and white elements shape the photo. Motion blur creates an image of the hectic modern world. "I wanted to bring an additional element to the photo. Realizing that motion blur could create an illusion of the modern world, I was happy." Tapio says. Sometimes unpredictability can bring surprising moments.

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Ratinan toimistotalo, Vuolteenkatu 2, 33100 Tampere. Black and white prints, photography prints, black and white art prints, black and white wall art

Ratina Offices, Tampere

In 2021, the light coming from inside Ratina's office building caught the attention of the photographer. "Finnish winters are dark, the days are short and you have to enjoy all the light you can see." Tapio says. What makes the photo interesting is the diversity of the office rooms, in some offices the interior light is on, in some the employees have already left and the offices are dark.

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Serlachius museo Göstan paviljonki, Serlachius Museum Gösta’s Pavilion. Finnish architecture. Black and white canvas art, black and white wall decor, photography art prints, architectural prints, black and white photography prints
Serlachius Museum Gösta's Pavilion, Mänttä

In the spring of 2021, when the sun rises behind Serlachius Museum Gösta, light and shadow brought an interesting moment to the pavilion. Tapio explains: "I had arrived before sunrise on a winter day. I noticed the sun starting to make the first rays of the day on the pavilion, I knew I was in the right place at the right time." The photo is part of the series that brought the Qualified European Photographer title.

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Löyly, Helsinki, 2021. Valokuvaaja Helsinki. Architecture art prints, black and white architecture prints, black & white prints, architecture prints art

Löyly, Helsinki

The year 2021 was very rewarding for Tapio in photography. In the photo, a spring morning dawned by the sea in Helsinki. "I had said here before that I wanted to photograph this kind of exciting architecture. I was happy that there was an opportunity to do so with the working grant. One of my goals is to find the soul of architecture. I believe that in this photograph I have come very close to it." Tapio says.

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City of Tampere, Näsinneula, Finland. Black and white photographer Tapio Koivula. Fine art architecture prints

Driving at Night, Tampere

In 2017, a landscape photographed in the evening from Näsinneula, Tampere. Näsinneula is the tallest building in Finland. ”I have always liked visiting Näsinneula, especially in the evening, when you can observe the change of daylight to night.” Tapio says. The central element in the photo is Paasikiventie lit by street lights. City lights illuminate the autumn landscape.

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Fog Technopolis, Tampere, 2017. Valokuvaaja Tampere. Architecture art prints, black and white architecture prints, black & white prints, architecture prints art

Technopolis, Tampere

In 2017, a foggy day in the courtyard of an office building. "I like the atmosphere of this photo, the photo is very harmonious and peaceful, but on the other hand it contains very diverse elements." Tapio says. The photo is bordered by a diagonal element that separates the two buildings from each other. The buildings disappear into the fog.

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Art Prints, Photography Prints. Helsingin keskustakirjasto Oodi, Oodi Central Library, Helsinki, Finland. Finnish architecture. Architectural photographer Tapio Koivula. Arkkitehtuurivalokuvaaja, arkkitehtuurivalokuvaus, Tampere. Suomalainen arkkitehtuuri.
Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Helsinki

In 2020, the Helsinki Central Library Oodi in the evening brings an aesthetic moment. Tapio explains: "The first visit to Library Oodi was memorable. I had reserved the whole day for myself so that I could photograph the building in peace. One of the best moments was in the evening, when the interior light of the building stood out from its surroundings." Helsinki Central Library Oodi is one of the most significant new buildings in Finland.

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Art Prints, Photography Prints, Finlayson, Tammerkoski, from the series Substance and Circumstance. Black series, Tampere, Finland, 2019. Mustavalkoinen Tampere.

Finlayson, Tampere

In 2019, the evening landscape of Tammerkoski rapids and Finlayson. The architectural photographer also has an eye for urban landscape photography. "In black-and-white photographs, evening moments are timeless. I have wanted to create timeless photographs that explore the aesthetics of architecture." Tapio says. Tampere is built around Tammerkoski, where Finlayson's brick factory buildings have produced textiles. An autumn moment at Tammerkoski brings a romantic atmosphere where you can imagine the couple sitting on the bench in the foreground of the photo.

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Tapio Koivula is a Finnish photographer based in city of Tampere. Specialized in Nordic simplicity and purity in black and white photography and architectural photography.

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