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Technopolis Asemakeskus, Tampere.

Technopolis Asemakeskus, Tampere
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Ratinan toimistotalo, Vuolteenkatu 2, 33100 Tampere.

Ratina Offices, Tampere
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Serlachius museo Göstan paviljonki, Serlachius Museum Gösta’s Pavilion. Finnish architecture.
Serlachius Museum Gösta's Pavilion, Mänttä
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Fog Technopolis, Tampere, 2017. Valokuvaaja Tampere.

Technopolis, Tampere
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City of Tampere, Näsinneula, Finland. Black and white photographer Tapio Koivula.

Driving at Night, Tampere
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Art Prints, Photography Prints. Helsingin keskustakirjasto Oodi, Oodi Central Library, Helsinki, Finland. Finnish architecture. Architectural photographer Tapio Koivula. Arkkitehtuurivalokuvaaja, arkkitehtuurivalokuvaus, Tampere. Suomalainen arkkitehtuuri.
Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Helsinki
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Art Prints, Photography Prints, Finlayson, Tammerkoski, from the series Substance and Circumstance. Black series, Tampere, Finland, 2019. Mustavalkoinen Tampere.

Finlayson, Tampere
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Tapio Koivula is a Finnish photographer based in city of Tampere. Specialized in Nordic simplicity and purity in black and white photography and architectural photography.

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